CCTV Repairs

Once you have a CCTV system, it is important that you do proper CCTV maintenance, and in case of any issues, CCTV repairs.   Repairs can be a hassle and can compromise housing association security, that is why VisionOn Systems takes the stress off you, you’ll be free to focus on your job when you leave your CCTV repairs up to us.

With years of experience, VisionOn Systems are seasoned experts in all aspects of CCTV repairs. We’ve seen it all – and fixed it. CCTV cameras are a good deterrent of crime and anti-social behaviour in housing associations and businesses, so it is essential that your CCTV system is operating at full capacity.

Below are some common CCTV problems that our customers and housing association leaders have come to us with, and how our repairs team is able to tackle each issue in a speedy and professional manner. 

Common Problems that require repairs on CCTV Systems

No Live Feed: One of the benefits of a CCTV system is real-time access to live images of your block of flats or business, but often faulty wiring or inadequate power supply limits these images. VisionOn Systems is regularly called to repair or replace faulty cameras, recorders, cables, and power supplies, and can fix these issues promptly.

Poor image quality: If a crime or antisocial behaviour takes place on the grounds of your housing association, business, or private home, it is essential that the images recorded by your CCTV system are as crisp and clear as possible. Often, poor lighting and misconfigured settings result in CCTV images that are unusable. This is a major problem should you need the images for legal reasons or evidence. We can optimise your CCTV system to correctly record and display images to their best quality, around the lighting conditions and environment of your premises.

cctv repairs

Other problems include:

  • Camera only showing black and white images
  • Lines on CCTV footage
  • Video footage is flickering
  • CCTV Camera footage is noisy
  • No signal
  • Blank screen
  • Footage not showing on mobile device
  • Faulty hard drives and recorders

Even if you are facing a problem not mentioned above, our team of experts can help diagnose and repair the problem so that your CCTV system is back up and running and doing it’s job.  Give us a call today to discuss your CCTV repair needs.