CCTV Maintenance

VisionOn Systems is the one the UK’s leading CCTV installers and CCTV maintenance service providers for housing associations. We install and maintain CCTV installations on 168 housing sites across the United Kingdom. We provide tailor-made, cost effective CCTV surveillance systems to meet your housing association or business premises requirements. If you are looking for a cloud-based CCTV system, look no further than VisionOn Systems.

Your business or housing association could be at risk of crime and anti-social behaviour if your CCTV systems are not operating properly. We ensure your CCTV systems are working when you need them most, by remotely checking 24/7.

Our maintenance monitoring automatically detects and reports issues as they happen.  Annual maintenance is not effective in ensuring your CCTV systems are always operating correctly. By monitoring the status of your CCTV systems 24/7, issues are detected and reported immediately and can be resolved before they become critical.

When a CCTV system has a fault or is vandalised, it could be weeks or months before it is discovered, and often only after an incident has taken place.


Using 4G cloud technology, enjoy remote monitoring 24/7 – even on your mobile. Whether you rent or purchase CCTV from us, we’ll handle everything.

CCTV Maintenance Contracts

cctv maintenance

Our maintenance packages ensure your CCTV systems are checked every hour of every day to ensure they are operating as they should be.

At VisionOn Systems we look after CCTV systems whether we initially fitted them or not. All our service contracts include bi-annual physical inspections and several callouts, should you need us. We’ll ensure your cameras have the latest software, keeping your connectivity optimal.

VisionOn Systems provides a range of service and maintenance contracts to existing and new customers. Our contract cover single or multiple sites and we are willing, subject to a site survey, to accept existing installations, provided any repair work is carried out to bring the site(s) up to an agreed standard.

Let us look after your CCTV and give you peace of mind.  Contact our expert team today.