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Cloud Connect & Connect 4G units

Cloud Connect & Connect 4G units

The Cloud Connect 4G Unit enables us to connect any remote DVR or NVR to the VisionOn Cloud so that you can view it remotely and manage it in a totally secure manner. No network, no problem. With its powerful built in 4G router and 450GB Data SIM, the Cloud Connect unit enables you to connect to your remote device as if you were sat there in front of it. As long as your DVR / NVR has a network port and is ONVIF compatible (most modern units are) then we can help you securely connect and manage the device and its cameras.

Additionally you can add up to two additional local IP cameras as well as the recorder thus giving you flexibility in your configuration. We have found that a number of clients who have remote recorders in offices wanted to add an additional camera in the office to keep an eye on the local recorder, and make sure no one was tampering with it or illegally access its feeds.

Deployable Camera Systems

Deployable Camera Systems

The system control unit is the heart of our solution.
It securely houses all the hardware, that makes the system work, in a lockable Mild Steel weatherproof enclosure.  The Router is an industrial grade 4G device with both Wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities & can be updated to 5G when available.

The Router comes with a Vodafone 450GB Data Sim and is remotely monitored by our powerful RMS (Remote Management System) application.  The package provides 30 days of normal cloud event storage and 12-months storage for Flagged events.
The system is ultra-secure, GDPR compliant, so your data is safe with us.

And most importantly, it is simple to use and very cost effective. The system is camera brand agnostic, so we can select the most appropriate camera(s) for your needs. Indoor, Outdoor, Day, Night, Overt, Covert, (PTZ) Pan Tilt and Zoom or ANPR (Number Plate Recognition). You tell us what you want, when and where you want it and we do the rest.

Solar Powered 4G Remote Site systems​

Solar Powered 4G Remote Site systems

This standalone security station perfectly suits areas where power supplies and Ethernet cables cannot reach, but that demand robust performance. Installed, it provides 24/7 monitoring at those locations that were previously out of reach. This system can also be used in temporary installations such as road maintenance sites, open-air events, and a multitude more. This unit will be of special interest to Local Councils and other organisations, who are struggling with the increasing amount of illegal Fly Tipping. Remotely accessible, as are all of our products, this system allows you to bring the fight to locations previously thought unreachable

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