Cloud CCTV design, installation, maintenance & repairs

Providing housing associations with CCTV evidence and reassurance quickly.

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Nationwide Specialists in the provision of Cloud Based Deployable CCTV systems

As a housing association leader, you’ll know problems can occur on your sites. Nuisance, fly tipping, and crime are unwelcome guests. They frighten residents and damage your reputation.  Hearsay is worthless. You need evidence quickly.

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Cloud Video Surveillance

We can connect any* remote digital or network video recorder to the VisionOn cloud. Using the Cloud Connect 4G unit, you can view and manage your footage remotely and securely 24/7.

Cloud Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Cloud Based Deployable Video Surveillance

Deployable camera systems are very popular, especially with Housing Associations and Local Authorities, when tackling ASB and Fly tipping issues.

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Remote Monitoring CCTV
& Cloud Storage

Remote monitoring of your systems is simple with our Cloud Service. You can take full control your systems from wherever you like, which is something that can help your security a lot. 

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CCTV Repairs & Maintenance

All our service contracts include bi-annual physical inspections and several callouts, should you need us. We’ll ensure your cameras have the latest software, keeping your connectivity optimal.


Using 5G cloud technology, enjoy remote monitoring 24/7 – even on your mobile. Whether you rent or purchase CCTV from us, we’ll handle everything.

Why choose us?

No housing association wants a constant flow of nuisance and crime. You need evidence to solve problems quickly and stop them growing out of control.

Traditionally, CCTV systems were costly and cumbersome. They couldn’t react fast enough to catch offenders and provide vital evidence.

Managing cameras on 168 housing association sites, we know what works. Using 5G and cloud technology, you get everything you need – and more.

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