The benefits of using cloud storage in CCTV devices

CCTV Cameras with cloud video storage record video and use an internet connection to transfer and store data in the cloud, which eliminates the need for a complex setup of on-site recording equipment.

One of the main functions of Cloud CCTV cameras is to provide a layer of protection against accidents and antisocial behaviour. When accidents do occur, however, it’s important to know your data won’t be compromised. Theft, fire or even a natural disaster can result in the loss of your camera and, if you’re entirely reliant on SD card for storage, this means also losing the recordings and your personal data. A cloud storage CCTV system not only ensures your videos won’t get lost or stolen if your camera does but also protects your personal and sensitive information. Cloud storage allows you to store the footage at a centralised location that can easily be accessed from any computer, laptop or smartphone device.

With the rise in crime and anti-social behaviour, Housing Associations need not only a good security system but also an effective backup storage to access CCTV evidence quickly! With a cloud storage facility, a huge amount of data can be saved for fast and easy access, anywhere, on any device!

Criminals are less likely to commit an illegal act if they know they are being watched. Cameras act as a deterrent and can help prevent acts of antisocial behaviour within housing associations. By using cloud based CCTV systems, housing association leaders have real-time footage of all events happening on their grounds and a 24/7 record of activity, videos can be reviewed and analysed in case of an incident instantly and authorized administrators can remotely log in and access the data and videos from any device.

No network, no problem.

A question that is asked a lot, what happens if there is no network? With VisionOn Systems Cloud Connect & Connect 4G units there is no need to worry about that. The Cloud Connect 4G Unit enables us to connect any remote DVR or NVR to the VisionOn Cloud so that you can view it remotely and manage it in a totally secure manner. With its powerful built-in 4G router and 450GB Data SIM, the Cloud Connect unit enables you to connect to your remote device as if you were sat there in front of it. As long as your DVR / NVR has a network port and is ONVIF compatible (most modern units are) then we can help you securely connect and manage the device and its cameras.

Everything’s covered for you.

VisionOn Systems also offer Repair & Maintenance of CCTV Systems. You’ll be free to focus on your job when you keep us involved. We’ll keep all your CCTV equipment in good order – whether we installed it or not.

We can watch your cameras on the cloud 24/7. Should there be a problem, we’ll know instantly and diagnose the fault remotely. By the time you’re informed, the solution is on its way.

All our service contracts include bi-annual physical inspections and several callouts, should you need us. We’ll ensure your cameras have the latest software, keeping your connectivity optimal. VisionOn systems are trusted CCTV specialists for housing associations.

Leave it to us: you’ll get your evidence quickly; you’ll reassure everyone.  Contact VisionOn Systems to secure your housing association with cloud-based CCTV stoage.