4G & Solar cameras for remote location surveillance (Fly tipping)

With the rise of Antisocial Behaviour within housing associations, it is now a good idea to have remote monitoring CCTV in place. If you are a housing association leader looking for CCTV maintenance, remote monitoring CCTV, or CCTV Cloud storage, then you have come to the right place!

What is fly tipping?

Illegal dumping, also called fly dumping or fly-tipping, is the dumping of waste illegally instead of using an authorized method such as curbside collection or using an authorized rubbish dump. It is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land, including waste dumped or tipped on a site with no license to accept waste.

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The VisionOn Systems Cloud Connect unit

The VisionOn Systems Cloud Connect unit transforms any networkable ONVIF DVR or NVR into a Cloud-Connected remotely viewable device. The unit comes in two formats:

  1. Where no current broadband connection is available the unit is delivered with a 4G 450GB Per month mobile data connection. (as shown above)
  2. Where the client has a broadband connection available then the unit comes with two ethernet ports, one for connecting the device and one for connecting to the client’s router.


These systems are designed to create a secure VPN tunnel into the remote device and allow the operator to use the system as if they were sat there in front of it. Additionally, the system can be configured to enable Cloud recording and live view of up to five selectable cameras and these can then be accessed via and web-enabled device, such as a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. You can buy the unit outright and pay a monthly subscription for the data and cloud services, or rent it on a month-by-month all-inclusive basis (No long-term commitment)

What are the benefits of the Standalone 4G Solar Powered camera system?

It can be used in the areas that are not suitable for laying wired network and electric supply lines or used for scenes that feature tough environment and have high demands for device stability.  It also can be used in temporary monitoring scenes, such as large-scale competitions, sudden public activity, temporary traffic control, and city construction.


Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV is a major component of remote surveillance, which enables you to access your video surveillance, live, from anywhere on any device. Cloud storage is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Cloud CCTV is the perfect solution for housing associations that need access to evidence quickly. Using 4G cloud technology, enjoy remote monitoring 24/7 – even on your mobile. Whether you rent or purchase CCTV from us, we’ll handle everything.

CCTV Maintenance and CCTV Repairs

Once you have a CCTV system, it is important that you do proper CCTV maintenance, and in case of any issues, CCTV repairs.   Repairs can be a hassle and can compromise housing association security, that is why VisionOn takes the stress off you, you’ll be free to focus on your job when you leave your CCTV maintenance up to us -we’ll keep all your CCTV equipment in good order, whether we installed it or not.

We can watch your cameras on the cloud 24/7. Should there be a problem, we’ll know instantly and diagnose the fault remotely. By the time you’re informed, the solution is on its way. All our service contracts include bi-annual physical inspections and several callouts, should you need us. We’ll ensure your cameras have the latest software, keeping your connectivity optimal.

If you are looking for 4G & Solar camera installation or CCTV maintenance and repair, be sure to check our website at https://www.cctvcloudstorage.co.uk and read our amazing reviews from housing association leaders. Contact us for an initial discussion or to arrange a demonstration. We’d love to help you