Using CCTV to Tackle Fly-Tipping

Recent statistics released by BBC show a massive increase in fly-tipping incidents across the UK.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of solid waste or liquid on land or in water. The waste is usually dumped to avoid disposal costs. Fly-tipping can be anything from a plastic bag full of rubbish to a large appliance or mattress. Fly-tipping is a criminal offense and can be fined and prosecuted.

CCTV to prevent fly-tipping

As a housing association leader, working closely with a CCTV installation expert about what you want to achieve by putting out cameras is an essential first step. Your CCTV system can help you catch and prosecute fly-tippers, deter people from fly-tipping and help you recover the costs of removal of fly-tipped materials.

fly-tipping problems uk

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras are a form of surveillance that can assist or replace the need for security personnel. A CCTV system is an effective deterrent against fly-tipping and other anti-social behavior. CCTV installation, much to the annoyance of criminals, always provides them with an unwanted accomplice. If you want to catch fly-tippers in the act, then an investment in CCTV is a wise choice. In fact, unless you have a security team patrolling every inch of your housing estate, inside and out, every minute of the day, CCTV really is the only choice. With remote CCTV monitoring, you have round-the-clock reliability and protection. You need to ensure that your cameras are properly installed and arranged to capture the site where incidences occur. Do not place the cameras in a position where they can be easily attacked or destroyed.

Your CCTV system will require maintenance, and making sure monthly maintenance is done is an important part of your housing association’s security strategy. All CCTV systems require maintenance in order to function correctly at all times and maximize deterrence. CCTV maintenance ensures that the CCTV system can provide images of the right quality because video footage from CCTV can be used during an investigation and prosecution of fly-tipping and other ASB crimes.

Residents can reduce fly-tipping by ensuring that waste is disposed of by a registered waste carrier. If you have witnessed anyone fly-tipping or know someone who does so, then you should report it to your local council or environmental agency.

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