Tether for Housing Associations

multi-site CCTV management

Perfect for multi-site CCTV management. Manage your CCTV anytime, anywhere.

Capture and share criminal footage

Capture and share criminal footage quickly and easily.

Monitor the health of your whole surveillance system. No need to replace legacy systems

Solves the problems of:

Key use cases:

“They use Tether browser-based software, which means we can access video footage on any device. Having instant access is game-changing. I recently had a phone call from the police on my day off. They were dealing with an urgent situation and wanted to know if someone had entered a building. I pulled up the CCTV footage on my mobile app, from the comfort of my sofa, and instantly told them what had just happened. This type of collaboration saves us, and the police, time and money”

– Paul Stevens, Tenancy Solutions Enforcement Officer, PA Housing