Taking out a CCTV Maintenance Contract

Once you go ahead with CCTV installation at your home, business, block of flats or housing estate, it is important that you also setup a CCTV maintenance contract. This can cover many aspects of your CCTV installation and can also include some CCTV repairs. A reputable CCTV installation company will provide you with a warranty on labour for the installation, setup and commissioning of the CCTV installation and the parts warranty will be covered by the manufacturer.

An advantage of having a CCTV maintenance contract is that you can call an engineer if things go wrong or you just need to go back. Some CCTV maintenance contracts will even cover camera refocusing or equipment readjustment if necessary.

An added benefit of having a CCTV maintenance contract is that you will be in regular contact with the CCTV installation company, who will be able to provide advice on technology upgrades and advancements, as well as advice on installing additional equipment as needed and  required. your business grows. and you acquire more premises and you need greater security. The CCTV maintenance contract should include a provision for an engineer to contact you at least once a year as a matter of course to verify that everything is in order and that the CCTV installation is still operating to your requirements and that it does not have problems with equipment.

cctv maintenance and repairs

Having a CCTV maintenance contract in place will give you peace of mind and a reputable CCTV installation company should offer one as part of the after-sales service. They should make it clear what the CCTV maintenance contract covers and what is considered CCTV repairs. The CCTV maintenance contract must be in writing and signed by both parties to avoid misunderstandings.

VisionOn Systems provides a range of service and maintenance contracts to new and existing customers. Our contract covers one or more sites and we are willing, subject to a site inspection, to accept existing sites, provided that any repair work is carried out to bring the site or sites to agreed standards.

From the beginning, it is important to hire a reputable and experienced CCTV installation company whose engineers know a variety of systems and who can install the CCTV surveillance system to the specifications required. You will have made a substantial investment in a CCTV system and it makes sense to back this up with a CCTV maintenance contract and an agreement regarding CCTV repairs.

Let us take care of your CCTV and give you peace of mind. Get in touch with our team of CCTV experts today.