How To Improve Safety and Security in Housing Associations

Here at VisionOn Systems Ltd we care about security and keeping people, buildings, and possessions safe. Housing Associations are susceptible to vandals, burglars, and anti-social behaviour like fly-tipping, and keeping them and the people occupying the building safe should always be of the utmost importance. We have created a list of areas housing associations and similar establishments should consider when updating their security.


When it comes to the security of housing estates, CCTV is the first thing to come to most people’s minds, and rightfully so. Good CCTV can be fundamental in protecting property or, where necessary, identifying and bringing to justice the culprits of anti-social behaviour, burglary, and other crimes. With the vast amount of people typically living in housing associations and blocks of flats, the need for CCTV is increased significantly.

CCTV also offers other benefits such as deterring these unwanted crimes and criminals and having evidence available on-demand should these crimes occur.

house association security

Access Control

Access control is an excellent addition to the security of housing associations.  Restricting access to visitors can be easily achieved.  Access controls come in a  variety of forms such as fob access or pin entry and some block of flats will use two levels of security, using a door with fob access followed by a second door that requires a pin entry.

Visitor Management

There are more than just residents that need to get into the building, there are many visitors that will pass through on a daily basis. Housing associations and flats need to prioritize a system that monitors all visitors that come in and leave.

There are many ways to further protect your premises, residents, and visitors when it comes to security measures. The three areas discussed above can be the difference between becoming a victim of a crime and preventing burglary, anti-social behaviour, and a range of other crimes. If security is a high priority for your premises (as it should be) lookout for these items among others when selecting new premises to live or as a housing association leader looking to cover all aspects of security.

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