Cloud Connect & Connect 4G units

Cloud Connect 4G

When is CCTV not CCTV - When you can't remotely access it. No network? No problem. We can connect any* remote digital or network video recorder to the VisionOn cloud. Using the Cloud Connect 4G unit, you can view and manage your footage remotely and securely 24/7. Connect to your remote footage as if you were sitting in front of it, thanks to a 4G router and 450GB data SIM. Giving you more flexible configuration, two additional local IP cameras can also be added via 4G. For example, some clients have remote video recorders in offices. They chose to add these additional cameras to keep an eye on the local recorder. In this way, they prevented illegal access to feeds. *So long as your video recorder has a network port and is ONVIF compatible (most modern units are).