Choose a CCTV Installer That Offers Maintenance and Repairs

Finding a CCTV installation company to install a CCTV system may require considerable time and research. Regardless of whether the CCTV system is deployed in a residential or commercial facility, you need to spend time with the CCTV installation company to select the location of cameras and other equipment. You must ensure that the CCTV installation works according to your specifications and is suitable for its purpose, which is, to monitor the area where it is installed and has sufficient image capture and recording.

As a reputable CCTV installation company we provide maintenance contracts, and should you require any repairs we offer a quick turn-around time to ensure your cameras are up and running and doing their job. A quick response to CCTV repair requests is especially important to avoid antisocial behaviour like fly-tipping within housing associations As the crime rate rises, it is important that your CCTV installation is always in operation to maximize the continued safety of your investment and facilities. Housing association leaders know the importance of CCTV camera up-time and therefore require a CCTV repair company to respond quickly to CCTV repair requests.

cctv camera installation repairs and miantenance

Repairs must be completed quickly and efficiently through a quick turnaround to reduce downtime that may leave your block of flats unprotected. CCTV repairs can range from simple camera repairs to refurbishment of old cameras and other components. Like any electronic device, CCTV may have malfunctions or problems at any time of the day or night, and you need to make sure that you can rely on a company that provides CCTV repairs as soon as possible. Some CCTV repairs are simple and maybe a loose connection. Common faults include not recording images and repositioning the camera. Some of them fall under CCTV Maintenance, so you need to make sure you are with a company that offers CCTV maintenance contracts.

If the CCTV surveillance system cannot operate, you will not fully utilize your investment and your house or block of flats will not be fully protected. If your insurance company notices that you have CCTV Camera but it does not work when you file a claim, your insurance claim may also be invalid.

VisionOn Systems is the one the UK’s leading CCTV installers, maintenance and repairs service providers for housing associations. We install and maintain CCTV installations on 168 housing sites across the United Kingdom. We provide tailor-made, cost-effective CCTV surveillance systems to meet your housing association or business premises requirements. If you are looking for a cloud-based CCTV system, contact VisionOn Systems.