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[Case Study] Surrey Heath Borough Council

Council fights ASB & theft with
VisionOn Cloud Surveillance system

Client: Surrey Heath Borough Council

Location: Green Spaces Team stores, Watchetts Recreation Ground, Camberley


Surrey Heath Borough Council Green Spaces Team operates from a compound on Watchetts Recreation Ground in Camberley. The site has been the subject of several raids on its stores by gangs, who used a van and bin to ram-raid the roller doors and make off with all the contractors’ tools. The site is on a public recreation ground, favoured by local dog walkers, tennis players and joggers, and as such has a fair amount of innocent human and wildlife activity. Working in conjunction with The Green Spaces Team, VisionOn Systems were awarded the contract to supply and install an effective CCTV solution.

Cloud-based CCTV


Due to the location of the site, it’s semi-rural setting, the large area involved and the nature of the raids, VisionOn Systems needed to provide 360° coverage of the site, and capture the registration numbers of vehicles approaching the site, especially in the early hours of the morning.

With no external lighting the site is in total darkness at night. Communications to the site were also a challenge, as although the onsite communication was via a FTTC BT connection the cabling for this was vulnerable to having its line cut, resulting in the loss of any external communication.

Power on this occasion was not an issue and VisionOn installed an additional, separately protected, fused spur in the main garage to power the system.


To provide 360° coverage of the site, with independent external Cloud-based communications, in total darkness. To protect the vulnerable shutter doors and rear compound whilst capturing the registration numbers of vehicles using a Hikvision camera. Additionally, enable site managers to have a live view at any time, and easily and simply access the cameras remotely on the activation of the site intruder alarm system.  Lastly, the system is to enable footage to be captured even in the event of Internet loss


VisionOn Systems installed a purpose-built secure enclosure housing a Hikvision 4TB NVR and 4G Teltonika Router with additional Cloud Storage (Advantages of Cloud Surveillance) backed up with an external western Digital 2TB External SSD drive.  VisionOn Systems also installed four Hikvision AcuSense 4 MP IR Varifocal Dome Network Cameras, in addition to a 4MP Fixed lens IP IPK 10 Dome camera at the rear and a Hikvision ANPR camera mounted to cover the approach road to the site. 

External access was provided via a secure connection to the VisionOn Systems Tether Cloud Platform. Powered by Tether Technology, the VisionOn Systems Cloud service enables site managers to access the cameras remotely, simply, and securely.  Health stats keeps them up to date on the operational health of the entire system. Using the Tether Technology VisionOn Systems have also been able to link this site to others installed for the Council earlier in the year.  

The installed solution provides total site coverage even in total darkness, with remote live site access off all the cameras, as well as capture and playback of recorded footage.



(For security reasons only a little of what has been installed is shown)

The team at Surrey Heath Borough Council were very pleased with the quality of the images and the coverage provided, plus the ease with which the site can be accessed via its Cloud Platform at any time and are confident that the system will be an effective deterrent against future attacks.

If you are a Council or other organisation with a similar issue, come and talk to us at VisionOn Systems.



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