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CCTV Installation to protect your Housing Association

Protecting homes and businesses is a high priority and more and more individuals and businesses are installing CCTV surveillance systems to act as a deterrent against intruders illegally entering the property and committing anti-social behavior. As the rates of anti-social behavior rise, more and more housing association leaders and homeowners are considering installing CCTV, which has led to a growing market in the sector.

It is important that CCTV installation companies provide good value for money by installing robust systems that will deter even the most determined criminals. CCTV installers must remain competitive and provide only the best components and support services for their clients.

As a leading CCTV installer in the UK, we have a high level of knowledge of CCTV manufacturers and select the best components available for specific applications and situations. We are familiar with the latest technology available and identify equipment to meet the requirements of all our clients. Not all CCTV installations involve only a camera and recording device and some customers may require door entry systems and alarm systems to provide fully integrated CCTV surveillance systems.

Whether the client has a block of flats, an office, or a single property, A CCTV installation expert must be able to meet the challenge of protecting property and identifying and installing the right CCTV System. The components for each application may differ, but excellent product knowledge coupled with a good reputation, level of experience, and knowledge will instill confidence and satisfy the requirements of all our customer’s needs.

installing security camera at block of flats

CCTV installers must be able to communicate with clients effectively ​​to advise on their unique needs and the most suitable CCTV installation that meets their requirements. A block of flats, for example, may require not only CCTV surveillance systems outside the building, but also inside like the entrance hall and lift lobby. CCTV surveillance systems in flats and housing associations are carried out by our trained CCTV technicians who, together with the housing association leader, can identify areas of greater risk and potential problems before they arise. CCTV Surveillance Systems recordings can provide evidence in court and for insurance companies in the event of anti-social behavior or theft.

Contact one of our CCTV Experts at VisionOn Systems, we will be able to assistance with all your CCTV Cloud Design, installation, CCTV repairs and CCTV maintenance.

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